At WalterFedy, we believe that integrating local art into public spaces plays an important role in the building of vibrant cities.

The new parking garage across from Halifax’s prestigious QEII Health Sciences Centre, the largest healthcare infrastructure project in the province’s history, proved to be the perfect canvas for artist Andrea Tsang Jackson, a Canadian-born visual artist of Chinese descent based in Kjipuktuk / Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Viewed by the over the over 14,000 people that visit the hospital every day, “In Conversation” reflects the artist’s representation of individual stories of craft, and how they shape each maker’s relationship with their heritage.

Translated from a print on fabric, the work is made with powder coated on a flexible architectural mesh and woven in stainless steel. The materials choice also enables the parkade’s vines to become an integral part of the work over time.

Learn more about how this collaborative design-build initiative with Lindsey Construction transformed a conventional parking garage into a work of art and a community-enhancing space here.

QEII Health Sciences Centre Parking Garage

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