June is National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month in Canada. 

Recognizing, accepting, and supporting diversity on formal commemorative days or months is important. Equally, if not more important, is extending this awareness beyond those recognition dates to achieve a broader goal: be an ally to all of humanity.

Being an ally means using your advantages to support marginalized groups and working towards a fairer, more inclusive world. It involves building trust, being consistent, and taking responsibility in your relationships with marginalized people. 

Acts of Allyship

Many people perform acts of true allyship in their daily lives without even realizing it. Here are some examples:

  • Educating yourselves by reading books, articles, and watching documentaries about marginalized communities, and attending diversity and inclusion workshops.

  • Using your privilege to create opportunities by mentoring, recommending, or hiring marginalized individuals, and sharing resources to help them succeed.

  • Listening to the stories of marginalized people and sharing their work on social media.

  • Speaking out against discriminatory remarks and behaviors and supporting inclusive policies within the community.

  • Encouraging the use of correct pronouns and non-gendered terms, and creating respectful, safe spaces.

  • Showing up and participating in events and protests, and volunteering time to social justice organizations.

  • Financially supporting through donating to organizations and shopping at businesses owned by marginalized individuals.

Recognizing National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month in June is an important step in supporting both communities. These and many other opportunities are ways to demonstrate inclusivity, compassion, kindness, and respect during June and throughout the year.   

Want to learn more? Check out these helpful resources.

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