Infrastructure & Environment

Size: 700 metres
Value: $3.25 M
Completion: 2021

Civil Engineering

Van Harten Surveying

WalterFedy is providing detailed design, project management, tendering, contract administration, and field inspection services for the reconstruction of Royal Street in Waterloo. Located within an established and quiet residential community, our team is focusing on minimizing community impacts related to construction while also completing the project in a timely manner and within the Region’s budget.

As part of our scope of work, we are replacing the existing storm, sanitary, and water infrastructure; improving drainage within the project limit; and improving the existing streetscape in consultation with the neighbourhood association. As adjacent corridors have been recommended for on-road cycling routes within the City’s Transportation Master Plan, we are also reviewing with City staff the possibility of including cycling lanes on Royal Street to create a future connection for the proposed improvements on Bridgeport Road and Erb Street.

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