Commercial & Institutional

Size: 44,600 sq. ft.
Value: $34.3 Million
Completion: Ongoing

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Energy and Carbon Solutions

The Enbridge Ottawa Operations Centre was envisioned as a high-quality space that meets the unique needs of field workers while focusing on sustainability. The meticulous selection of the site considered various locations and their proximity to customers as per the Ontario Energy Board’s requirement. The main objective was to ensure that field workers who perform maintenance on gas distribution systems have a suitable and efficient workplace. The selection process involved extensive collaboration to confirm the location and define the amenities, and workspace design that aligned with Enbridge’s goals.

Enbridge places a strong emphasis on providing its employees with high-value amenities. Direct access to natural light was a top priority to support employee health and wellness. The main floor features an “enterprise zone” where employees can access coffee stations, bench seating, and flex workspaces for collaboration and meetings. The building boasts tall ceilings, open spaces, and a layout that promotes convenience and accessibility along with specialized technical training spaces to support field workers’ skill development.

The building’s sustainability focus involves innovative elements like ground-source heat pumps, triple-glazed windows, heat recovery ventilators, and an emphasis on heavy timber construction that utilizes carbon-absorbing wood. Enbridge aims for net-zero carbon emissions and energy efficiency, considering both operational energy use and embodied carbon from construction. Using geothermal energy, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and advanced insulation contributes to the company’s commitment to sustainability.

With great success incorporating sustainable design elements within budget, the Enbridge Ottawa Operations Centre represents a significant step forward in Enbridge’s commitment to environmental responsibility, comfortable working conditions, and meeting the needs of its diverse workforce. Completion is anticipated around April 2024, and Enbridge aims to achieve net-zero carbon certification on this facility.

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