Commercial & Institutional

Size: 44,600 sq. ft.
Value: $14 Million
Completion: 2021

Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering

Matthew Smith Photography

One Young, located in the vibrant heart of Downtown Kitchener, emerged as a remarkable commercial office space, rising from the remnants of the condemned Mayfair Hotel. The driving force behind this project was to create enticing spaces that also honoured the building’s rich history. To achieve this, WalterFedy collaborated with a specialty glass provider to recreate the silhouette of the original Mayfair Hotel on the glass facade. This unique feature beautifully preserves the old building’s essence, displaying the same height, windows, and placements, giving rise to a captivating “ghost” of the past set against a modern backdrop.One Young’s charm lies not only in its historical tribute but also in its architectural innovation. WalterFedy’s bold proposition of a mass timber structure set it apart from other traditional office spaces in the downtown core. The wood structure incorporates biophilic aspects to the office environment, connecting occupants with nature. The result is an eye-catching, sustainable building with a stunning glass facade, leaving a lasting impression on observers and raising awareness of the building’s storied past. 

The journey to create One Young was not without challenges. The neighbouring building intertwined with the project’s property line, requiring delicate handling. WalterFedy meticulously underpinned both structures to ensure stability during construction to prevent any damage. Our full-service approach and seamless coordination made this transformation a resounding success, delivering a captivating space that intertwines history and modernity. One Young is not just an office building; it is a living testament to the city’s heritage, capturing the essence of the past while embracing the future. 


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