Infrastructure & Environment

: $7.75 Million
Completion: Ongoing

Civil Engineering

The Northumberland, Stanley, and Swan Streets Reconstruction project aims to revitalize and urbanize the downtown core of the Village of Ayr. With a growing population and increased usage, the primary focus is improving the downtown area’s traffic flow and intersection management. The project creates a multi-modal and active transportation, accommodating pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicular traffic while preserving the unique downtown ambiance of Ayr. 

Traffic flow in the downtown area was particularly challenging, especially around the cenotaph, where traffic diverged with difficulty. The project sought to enhance intersection design and overall traffic management to cater to the growing needs of the expanding population. Another concern was balancing the parking needs of local businesses and community members. Public consultations were conducted to gather feedback and engage the community in the decision-making process. WalterFedy used 3D visualization tools to present their proposed designs, allowing the public to see the areas proposed transformation with new sidewalks, roadways, and a reimagined cenotaph area. 

WalterFedy demonstrated versatility in addressing the project’s unique challenges and engaged with the community throughout the process, ensuring their concerns were considered. Integrating pipe bursting technology for the water main upgrade. This trenchless method allowed the team to install a larger diameter water main without extensive excavation, minimizing disruptions to the existing infrastructure. The project also featured a comprehensive approach, integrating stormwater management, sanitary systems, bridge reconstruction, and bike lanes. This successful redevelopment and urbanization project central to Ayr’s downtown core highlights the team’s expertise in using diverse methods efficiently, staying within budget and timeline while dealing with intricate heritage elements and challenging logistics. 

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