Healthcare & Life Sciences

Size: 650,000 sq. ft.
Value: $411 Million
Completion: Ongoing

Civil Engineering

B+H Architects
Diamond Schmitt Architects
Mulvey & Banani International Inc.
Crossey Engineering Ltd.
Stephenson Engineering Ltd.

In collaboration with Diamond Schmitt Architects and B+H Architects, our Civil team provided comprehensive civil services as part of the EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare team. Our scope of work included grading, servicing, stormwater management design, and construction inspections. The Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre project exemplifies innovation and thoughtful design in the healthcare sector. The tower’s placement near existing hospital buildings required a meticulous servicing strategy to ensure uninterrupted hospital operations throughout construction. This redevelopment initiative marks the hospital’s largest expansion to date, contributing 550,000 square feet to the facility. The new space accommodates vital components such as inpatient mental health units, a surgery inpatient unit, and two floors of advanced outpatient facilities.  

Innovative Design Solution: 

The comprehensive construction process of two underground parking levels beneath the tower unfolded in several stages. First, the tower and its two levels of parking were erected, followed by the demolition of the existing structures to make way for the replacement building. The area formerly occupied by the demolished buildings was transformed to extend the parking garage to two additional subterranean levels. A collaborative effort with our Geotech hydrology consulting team yielded this innovative approach, strategically managing groundwater flow and minimizing water disposal requirements. By carefully extending the underground parking structure to four levels below grade, a soil layer was reached that effectively restricts excessive water permeation. While some residual dewatering persists, this approach significantly reduces the hospital’s daily water disposal needs, presenting a substantial and sustained cost-saving benefit throughout the lifespan of the building. 


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