Residential & Mixed Use

Size: 100 hectares
Value: $20M

Civil Engineering
Topographic Survey

The Hunt Club site represents approximately 99 hectares of land within three municipal sub watersheds. The development is proposed to comprise single and multi-family residential development, a school, industrial development, and an adult lifestyle community. In addition to developing a sanitary servicing strategy, preliminary and final site servicing, and grading designs for Hunt Club Estates, WalterFedy’s civil team is developing a stormwater management strategy for the site. In accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assignment (EA) for water, wastewater, and roads, WalterFedy is completing a Schedule B Class EA to identify a sanitary servicing solution for this development that will be based on an evaluation of the natural, social, and economic environments including potential impacts and mitigating measures. WalterFedy will also be providing contract administration services on this development that includes full time inspection of the earth works, stormwater management, storm, sanitary, water, and utility services.

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