Infrastructure & Environment

Size: 635,000 sq. ft.
Value: $133 Million
Completion: 2020


EllisDon Corporation
WSP Services Inc.

The Cooksville GO Station is a vital transportation hub connecting users across the Greater Toronto Area with fast, safe, and reliable transit services. Metrolinx’s vision encompassed transforming the station into a vibrant multimodal hub with enhanced circulation and accessibility.
As the lead Project Architects, our team provided architectural services to implement a six-level parking structure that adds more than 750 new parking spaces to the station. Our team worked closely with the compliance architects (NORR Architects) to ensure the facility was consistent with the overall design that enhanced placemaking goals and transformed the space into a vibrant hub.

User experience drove design decisions employing CPTED principles and accessibility standards to increase the user experience and ease of use, regardless of ability or need.

A notable design innovation was the A2 layered screening in the garageā€”a seemingly small detail that had a significant impact. This solution prevented car headlights from affecting nearby residential areas while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Additionally, installing a 33-meter pedestrian bridge over the tracks presented a unique hurdle due to a limited window for rail corridor shutdown. Our solution was creative and efficient: constructing the bridge on the ground and lifting it into place during a brief railway shutdown, minimizing disruptions and ensuring timely execution.At the heart of this project was the vision to modernize infrastructure and enrich the local community through seamless connectivity. Our involvement highlights our ability to design innovative solutions collaboratively with partners. By converting the station into a dynamic multimodal hub, this project elevates the travel experience and caters to the community’s diverse needs.


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