At the cusp of the pandemic, we embraced a work-from-home strategy to keep our staff, their families, and our community safe. As restrictions eased, we had to decide: do we return to “the way things were” or move forward with innovation in mind?

We are proud to have chosen the latter. Inspired by our ambition statement to constantly challenge the status quo, WalterFedy embraces a fully hybrid work strategy that empowers our team to determine where and how they work to meet our client’s needs most effectively. Continue reading to learn more about life at WalterFedy and the changes we’ve made to make hybrid work, work!

What is hybrid working?

A hybrid working approach combines both remote and in-person work. It allows employees to work from the office or home, depending on their needs and the requirements of their jobs.

This approach aims to provide employees with flexibility and autonomy in how they work, while ensuring they have opportunities to collaborate and connect with colleagues in person. Hybrid working can lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and work-life balance for employees, and increased efficiency and retention for employers!

WalterFedy’s Approach:

Flexibility from day one!

Upon receiving an offer letter, each employee receives a “hybrid work playbook” that outlines our hybrid model. Here we ask our new employees to start thinking about the best work mix for them. There are several options for our employees to choose from, including coming to the office full-time, most of the time, or working mostly remote.

We know that finding a work mix that suits your lifestyle can change and evolve, so no one is tied down to one option if they need to adjust their approach later.

Touchdown Workstations

Employees that aren’t in the office full-time or most of the time, use a touchdown station when working at the office. A touchdown station is a flexible seating arrangement where employees can reserve a desk for the day when they come in. For employees that want to work full-time or mainly in the office, a desk is assigned to them to ensure they have what they need to work successfully.

Meeting rooms that embrace collaboration

Collaboration is essential to the ongoing success of our hybrid work environment. To keep communication channels open, several of our meeting rooms in Kitchener, Hamilton and Toronto have Teams computers ensuring employees working in-office and remotely can communicate effectively. Even if your coworkers aren’t physically present, you can still see their smiling faces on the TV screen!

Work@Home Program

At WalterFedy, we want our employees to have fair and equitable access to funds that allow them to create a healthy, ergonomic, and productive workspace at home. Through our Work@Home Program, employees can request tech items for their home office, including two monitors, a docking station, a keyboard, a mouse, and a headset. WalterFedy will also reimburse employees up to $500 for home office furniture, such as a desk or chair, for ultimate comfort. Our Health & Safety Coordinator will even provide the best recommendations to ensure it meets our in-office ergonomic requirements.

For employees that would like to elevate their office space, WalterFedy offers a payback program to support the purchase of up to $1000 in home office upgrades. The funds are paid back in 26 easy payroll deductions to distribute the cost over an entire year!

Find your next career at WalterFedy

We hope you enjoyed learning more about life at WalterFedy. As our team continues to grow, we are always looking for talented people like you! We encourage you to visit our careers page to see current opportunities in Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, and Calgary. Should you require an accommodation to participate in the application process, please get in touch with

Thank you for being so interested in joining the WalterFedy team – we hope to meet you soon!

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