Claire Schubert


Claire Schubert’s aptitude for creative expression was sparked by the art of dance. Long before she set her sights on architecture technology, she was channelling her artistic energy into perfecting her craft, both as a teacher and competitor. Her fifteen-year dance career took her out of province, into the States, and to the world championship competition stage.


In high school, she was surprised to discover a new outlet for her creativity in an unexpected place. “I fell in love with architecture during my first drafting class in high school,” she explained. “I enjoyed the art of drafting, and as the only girl in my class, I was pushed to be the best—to always do better because I had something to prove.”


Smitten with this new-found art form, Claire decided to further pursue drafting courses at Conestoga College where she studied Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Technology; a competitive program with long hours, difficult projects, and short timelines. Soon thereafter, she found herself in a co-op role at WalterFedy.


“My training in school was amazing, and it has only been amplified in the workplace. It is so rewarding to see it in action.”


In 2019, Claire was brought on full-time as an Electrical Technologist. Her skills in hand-drafting translated well to Revit, and her appetite to excel in the program allowed her to seamlessly transition into the fast-paced world of an architectural technologist. Since taking on the new role, she has been able to specialize in Revit and work closely with our BIM Manager to develop standards and better understand the intricacies and potential of the software.


In an act of serendipity, Claire now finds herself on a project team for Conestoga College’s Trades Training Centre and is applying her talents in service of the school that set her up for success. “Not only is the project interesting, the amazing team I am working with continuously challenges me to grow and learn.”


Claire continues to grow in her new role and offers this advice to other young professionals: jump in! “Don’t be scared to jump into something you’re unsure of. I have had wonderful mentors along the way who have encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. Your team wants the best for you and will help you reach your goals.”


While dance is no longer at the forefront of Claire’s mind, you can find its influences in her work. “There are many similarities between dance and architecture. You can sculpt the body or a building to express creativity. Both are forms of art using colour, shape, rhythm, and texture. Dance prepared me for working as a team and taught me to challenge myself.”

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