Experience a co-op at WalterFedy

Meaningful mentorship, tangible learning, and exciting experiences: this is what you can look forward to when you do a co-op with WalterFedy. With team leads who are rich in experience and always willing to lend a guiding hand, we support your growth in your chosen field and ensure you’ll have all the tools to get you there.

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We aspire to create great futures by taking care of the people who join our team.

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Meaningful Work

Over your term with us we will ensure you get to contribute to company culture, create meaningful work and see your work affecting action in the community.

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Inclusive Culture

You are one of us! During your time at WalterFedy we will include you in all of the events and excursions we have as a team. From golf tournaments to family picnics, you get to experience it all, even as a co-op student.

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Flexible Work Arrangements

Work is where the heart is! Whether you’re signing on from the comfort of your couch or the office, we are glad to have you. WalterFedy has a flexible work environment that lets you choose your own location to work from…as long as you have Wi-Fi.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer paid co-ops/internships?

    All of our post-secondary internships are paid positions. 

  • What’s the dress code? What do I wear to the office?

    Dress appropriately for your day! In the office, this might mean formal business attire to business casual. If you’re a field employee or someone who regularly attends site, you may select more appropriate clothing for your role’s activities. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not sure if something is acceptable, choose something else and/or inquire first.

  • Can I work from home, or do I have to be at the office?

    This arrangement may depend on the team’s needs. We encourage co-op students to come to the office to connect with their colleagues, gain valuable work and career experience, and get involved in our company culture.

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