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There's no place like home.  

To grow our communities we must simultaneously grow the available housing. Densification has created the need to expand upwards, making multi-tenant housing appealing for those who want to live close to the centre of a city. Successful multi-tenant residential buildings should feel private and personal, even though the building is shared with other tenants. Common spaces can foster the community within the building, and are important in balancing public and private life in design.

Our integrated design firm has a wealth of experience with residential builds, ranging from low-rise to mixed-use properties. We design the architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil components to support the building. Our clients include developers, planners, investors, and property managers, who are looking for multi-tenant residential services. We have knowledge and capability to complete renovations, redevelopments, and both greenfield and brownfield builds. We support your design needs by managing permitting, approvals, zoning, and can recommend design features which are appealing to both existing and potential residents. A consistent project team allows us to grow together and create collaborative design strategies that we carry through every project.

Focus Areas
  • Architectural design

  • Plumbing and drainage

  • HVAC system

  • Fire protection

  • Emergency generators

  • Concrete or Mass timber sturctures

  • Electrical services and power distribution

  • Stormwater management design

  • Foundations

  • Underground and above ground parking structures