WalterFedy is a dynamic, integrated design firm delivering creative solutions and practical built environments. Since our inception in 1951, we have continued to learn, adapt, and evolve to best serve our clients. In 1970, we became one of Canada’s first integrated design firms in order to deliver a level of coordination and team commitment not served by the traditional project model.

Today, our expertise includes energy management; architecture; mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering; asset and facilities management; project management; and construction management through our sister company, AEC Developments. The value of our integrated nature shines through our modern team structure, which allows us to share lessons learned and discuss project challenges organically.

Our business is about more than just delivering exceptional projects. We also believe that we have a responsibility to care for the communities in which we live and work. We are actively involved as volunteers and sponsors in Waterloo Region, Hamilton-Niagara Region, and beyond, because we know the more we put into our community, the stronger it will be. It is important for us to support our community the same way they have supported us for nearly seven decades. 


We're so much better when we're together.

Frequent social club activities? Check! Professional growth opportunities? Yes!  Rewarding work in an exciting work environment? Yes and yes! On top of that, our workplace culture is all about collaboration. From the open concept office and breakout spaces, to the mentorship programs and teambuilding outings, our workplace was designed to facilitate an environment where we can learn from each other, and continue to better our business.