Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Taro Pharmaceuticals

Completion: 2003, 2013 | Location: Brampton, ON

Taro Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of topical dermatological products. The company also has a growing line of solid-dosage form products used mainly in cardiology and neurology. WalterFedy has been involved in a number of projects for Taro over the years:

Non-Spil Addition
WalterFedy provided architectural, engineering, and construction-management services for an addition onto the new, fully automated production line for Taro’s Non-Spil cough syrup. Due to the nature of Taro’s business, the schedule for this project was critical and the project was fast-tracked. Design services began in September 2002, with construction commencing in November 2002 and completing in April 2003.

The addition includes a Class 1, Division 2 compounding room with two 5000L Symex kettles, filling room, wash-up room, packaging area, and enclosed loading dock.


Tank Farm/Chiller/Mechanical Room/Substation Addition
WalterFedy provided architectural, engineering, and construction-management services for this project, with design beginning in October 2002 and construction in March 2003. The project was constructed in phases, with the new substation commissioned in late April 2003, and the tank farm, chiller, and cooling towers operational in early June 2003.

The addition includes:

  • A new tank farm, complete with four 30,000L and two 20,000L storage tanks, to support the ‘Non-Spil’ line and existing processes
  • Mechanical room with a multi-stack chiller and roof-mounted cooling towers to provide chilled water to the ‘Non-Spil’ area and existing processes, with future expandability
  • Substation with new 3000amp service to the building for ‘Non-Spil’, existing processes, and future expansion.

Front Entrance Lobby and Construction Review
WalterFedy designed a new front-entrance addition to the corporate offices, and carried out construction review of an in-progress renovation to the existing building. Our work included an overall building code and construction review, audio/video meeting rooms, and miscellaneous architectural and structural services.

Our most recent design and construction projects include a bulk manufacturing facility and a microbiology lab, both completed in Spring 2013.