Grand River Hospital

Since 2001, WalterFedy has provided ongoing mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering services for multiple projects at Grand River Hospital, including infrastructure upgrades, major additions, and renovation of most areas of the facility.


The first phase of redevelopment included renovations and additions to the Renal Dialysis, Emergency Department, Maternal, Children and Childbirth areas. This project involved an 18 month design period and three years of construction work. It was completed in multiple phases, all while hospital services were maintained. An intermediate phase involved an upgrade of the diagnostic imaging department, including installation of an MRI machine, a second CT Scanner, a Brachytherapy suite, and refurbishment of major x-ray rooms and the installation of new x-ray units. This phase also included some “enabling” works to prepare the facility for upcoming projects.


The final phase of redevelopment was the most onerous from both a design and construction perspective, involving over two years of design and four and a half years of construction. This phase included renovation to most of the remainder of the hospital such as OR upgrades, new ICU, renovation and addition to the
Mental Health department, and remodeling of the patient bedroom wings. Interim projects working directly for hospital maintenance and engineering have also included an upgrade of existing boiler and chiller plants and normal and essential power systems, including installation of dual primary supplies and three diesel generator sets. Also included were surface retrofits and structural repairs to the aging parking garage.


  • Structural Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Contract Administration and Field Review



Our engineers also designed upgrades for many of the air handling systems, plumbing infrastructure, medical gas systems, life safety systems including the installation of a complete new sprinkler system throughout the hospital, security systems, fire alarm systems, nurse call and paging systems, and telecom cabling systems. These projects presented a significant challenge in keeping all of the hospital services in operation during construction, as well as maintaining proper infection control, and managing multiple construction projects simultaneously.