Davis Building Renovations

University of Toronto

Size: 50,200 SF | Value: $17.6 Million | Location: Mississauga, ON

Civil Engineering

As part of a team led by Moriyama & Teshima Architects, WalterFedy provided civil engineering services for renovations to the W.G. Davis Building on the University’s Mississauga campus. The goal of the project was to transform the second floor of the building into an efficient and modern food court, combined with significant interior and exterior gathering space for the entire campus. 


WalterFedy’s civil engineering team provided design services to raise the Inner Circle Road by 1.5 metres to accommodate the redesigned main entrance and bus drop off area. This included corridor design for the road from the Outer Circle Road to the east side of the Innovation Centre, grading design along the pond, and coordination with the plaza and landscaped areas.

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