Autonomous Vehicle Test Track

General Motors Canada

Size: 1.6 km | Completion: In progress | Location: Oshawa, ON

Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Our civil and electrical engineers have teamed up with J.J McGuire General Contractors and GSP Group to design and construct GM Canada’s new testing facility for autonomous vehicles. The Canadian Technical Centre McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track, currently under construction in Oshawa, is a 1.6 kilometre track located on a 55-acre lot. The track will include four lanes and allow for vehicles to reach highway speeds.


Our civil engineering scope of work includes the design of the track itself, relocation of the existing infrastructure, and design of the stormwater management system. The stormwater management system is located track-side and will collect and convey runoff to approved outlets.  


Our electrical engineering team is completing the track lighting system along with a fibre communications network to run along the track. This network will allow the vehicles to communicate with one another while on the track for V2V and V2X testing. In addition, we also designed electrical infrastructure to support Level 3 fast charging that will charge an electrical vehicle to 80% power within an hour.  


With construction beginning in fall of 2019, the project is expected to wrap up in spring of 2020. The track will support GM’s Canadian Technical Centre campuses in Oshawa and Markham in developing and testing their mobility projects.  

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