Albert Street Reconstruction

City of Waterloo

Size: 350 metres | Value: $2.2 Million | Completion: 2019 | Location: Waterloo, ON

Civil Engineering

Reconstruction of approximately 350 metres of road on Albert Street and Princess Street West from Erb Street to Bridgeport Road in the City of Waterloo. WalterFedy provided design and construction services to the City including preliminary and detailed design including corridor/grading design, underground service design, coordination with Waterloo North Hydro to design underground hydro civil infrastructure, decorative street lighting (City removed from scope prior to construction), coordination with gas and telecommunications utilities, preparation of tender and contract documents, and contract administration and construction inspection services.


This project was originally initiated with the Region’s Bridgeport/Caroline and Erb project to address the deteriorating pavement conditions of these sections of roadway; replace the aging sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain, develop enhanced facilities for pedestrians and cyclists; and improve the existing intersection configurations. The sections of roadway within the project area are located within the Urban Core Area of the City of Waterloo and need to support future development intensification by prioritizing active transportation while accommodating significant traffic volumes.


A key goal of the project was to optimize the transportation system and promote transportation choice, all in accordance with the City of Waterloo’s Transportation Master Plan and Urban Design Guidelines. Our team consulted extensively with the City of Waterloo’s Advisory Committee on Active Transportation along with the Region’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee to develop a solution that would meet the current and future needs of residents and road users while supporting the City’s and Region’s transportation goals. This project was unique in that two-way bike traffic was facilitated through the implementation of a contraflow bike lane. 


One of the primary challenges of this assignment was the City’s expedited schedule. As Matt provided both project management and design services, he was able to effectively communicate and coordinate with the City and Waterloo North Hydro to ensure the project’s successful and timely completion. Prior to construction, it was identified that Albert Street would require temporary conversion to allow for two-way traffic with access from Bridgeport Road in order to maintain access to properties and businesses. WalterFedy was able to promptly coordinate this with the Region of Waterloo in order to allow for construction to commence on time, avoiding significant delays to the proposed schedule.


Additional challenges faced during the design process were similar to those anticipated for this assignment and include mitigating disturbance to existing mature trees and construction staging and access. These were overcome through the preparation of high-quality grading and servicing plans as well as detailed and thorough construction staging drawings.  


In late 2017, following deferral of the Bridgeport/Caroline portion of the project, the City elected to advance the reconstruction of Albert Street and Princess Street to 2018 in addition to incorporating infrastructure for a future underground hydro conversion. WalterFedy was able to expeditiously separate the two road reconstruction designs, coordinate with Waterloo North Hydro to design approximately 500 metres of underground hydro infrastructure, and prepare all required tender and contract documents in order for construction to proceed in the summer of 2018.

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