460 Columbia

Lexington Park Real Estate Capital Inc.

Size: 807,000 SF | Value: $150 million | Location: Waterloo, ON

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering

WalterFedy provided architectural and engineering services for a three phased residential development in Waterloo, Ontario. Each phase includes construction of a single building, with each building consisting of either one or two towers sitting on top of a two-storey structured parking facility. Phase 1 includes approximately 235,000 SF of residential area over 204 units, with two-storey townhouse units on the ground floor. Phase 2 consists of approximately 246,000 SF of residential area over 232 units. Phase 3 consists of approximately 150,000 SF of residential area over 151 units, with two-storey townhouse units on the ground floor. WalterFedy’s scope of work also includes relocation and redesign of an existing stormwater management pond on site.

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