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Walterfedy/AEC, founded in 1951, is an integrated practice of architecture, engineering and construction professionals personally invested in delivering creative and practical built environments that enrich communities.



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We are committed to ongoing quality improvement initiatives to ensure we deliver solutions that meet our clients’ expectations of quality and value. Our dedication to project success influences everything we do and ensures our clients are satisfied, and that we enjoy mutual success.


Client Focus

Client Focus

We want every client to receive the best service we can provide and for them to feel we have contributed real value to their project. We want our clients to return for their future projects and be confident in recommending our services to others.


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We accept and take full responsibility for the work we undertake. We strive to work ethically in all areas of our business and in our interactions with our people and everyone we meet in our communities and beyond.



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Environmental Sustainability

The nature of our work affords us the opportunity to have a significant impact on environmental sustainability, both with our customers' projects and through our own decisions and actions - both corporately and individually. Sustainability is at the heart of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

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Community Building

We believe we all have a responsibility to contribute positively to the communities where we live and work. We know from our deep history of community involvement that giving back is vital to community health and growth, as well as to our own well-being. At WalterFedy and AEC, we pursue and engage in community-building activities both corporately and individually.






We're so much better when we're together.

Frequent social club activities. Check! Professional growth opportunities. Bountiful!  Rewarding work in an exciting work environment. Yes and yes!

On top of that, our workplace culture is all about collaboration. From the open concept office and breakout spaces, to the mentorship programs and teambuilding outings, our workplace was designed to facilitate an environment where we can learn from each other, and continue to better our business.




Our employees give us their best, so we give them ours.


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