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Understand the land.

Starting with a survey  provides the foundation and baseline for any project. A comprehensive understanding of the existing conditions and site specific details frame the challenges for any design team. This understanding is what leads our teams to project excellence.  Throughout design and construction, our survey team provides guidance, support, and project management to ensure the construction fits within the space provided.  Our project methodology leverages the depth of our teams experience and efficiencies built within our team through the use of our proprietary software. We have automated our processes from field-to-finish.

Our experience is  broad in range; from kilometers of multi lane roads, hectares of land development, intricate sites and everything in between, our team is capable of addressing the complexities of each project on a tailored basis.  We are experienced working with ancillary services including legal teams, drones, and scanning, and use this information to provide recommendations and guidance to the client and construction teams we work with. We can establish and maintain site control for the duration of construction, and provide quality assurance and quality control to manage and support construction progress.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and the accuracy of our delivery.

Sample scope of work:

  • Establish and maintain site control
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control compliance
  • Pre-engineering topographic surveys
  • Underground infrastructure assessments
  • Civil, Industrial, and Structural construction layout
  • Deflection, deformation, and settlement monitoring