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WalterFedy’s long history of providing health care solutions in Canada includes rural community hospitals, large city hospitals, wellness centres, and long-term care facilities. Our continuing involvement at a number of sites keeps us informed and aware of the ever-changing demands and challenges of providers, enabling us to meet their needs in a variety of roles and assignments.
We firmly believe that thoughtful design has the ability to enhance well-being, facilitate patient support and healing, support the delivery of medical services, and increase efficiency.
We are committed to making informed decisions based on sound research, and working closely with hospital staff to ensure that their physical environment translates to a positive space highlighting healing and the ability of medical operations to proceed efficiently and effectively.


Ongoing Partnerships

Our experience and commitment to excellence earn us the project, but it’s our dedication to building relationships that our repeat clients value the most. We’re pleased to have ongoing relationships with the following facilities:

  • Grand River Hospital
  • Brantford General Hospital
  • Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance
  • Hamilton Health Sciences

Our design is centered around overcoming each facility’s unique challenges, working with our clients to fully understand their needs, and ultimately creating a design that hits the key success factors.