Field SErvices

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Coordination to completion.   

During construction, the contract administrator and field reviewer are your representatives on the construction site, interpreting the contract documents and keeping a close eye on the quality of the work.  Field reviews are conducted on a sampling basis, as indicated by the contract specifications, where a representative number of each type of construction element will be reviewed.  Changes to any project can be confusing, which makes it important to have an expert work with you through construction and advise you on the validity of claims for extras, issuing change orders as required, obtaining required approvals, and communicating with appropriate authorities as required.

To ensure that the project remains on budget and on schedule, the contract administrator will process the paperwork to track the construction contract dollar amounts as changes are made during construction. Construction-review reports will be issued for the site visits to document reviews made on-site for that month.  At the conclusion of the project, we will prepare a deficiency report and conduct a follow-up review once the identified deficiencies have been rectified.

Sample scope of work:

  • Change Orders
  • Certificate of Payment
  • Contract Preparation
  • Performance Tracking
  • Deficiency Reviews
  • Warranty Reviews